Cutting edge technology on forged and machined.

    The most complex specialization, through generation, development and application of knowledge and technologies on forged and machined components, added to the cutting edge technology make Schwarz Metallurgic a solid, robust, innovative and traditional company for over 60 years.

    Flexibility constitutes one of the main attributes at Schwarz, always focused on developing solutions for its clients. A view that allows partnership work, always in conformity to the projects and technical specifications demanded. The simultaneous engineering concept guides the engineering team’s work, which integrates several competences, resulting in greater safety, agility and efficiency of the processes. For Schwarz, developing solutions is assuming a commitment with effective results on each phase of a component’s project, assuring competitive and strategic advantage for its clients. That view led Schwarz to evolve from a product oriented company to a high performance company. The professionals are constantly trained on all the levels to update new technologies and qualified to guarantee knowledge, ability and agility on the production.

    Schwarz acts responsibly, according to sustainability criteria, because it understands that aside from being efficient and profitable, it needs to fulfill its role as a responsible company. That’s why Schwarz transmits reliability, seriousness and competence on everything it does, the best option in the forging and machining segment of aluminum and brass.


    Development of high performance processes.


    Schwarz works with emphasis on the metal-mechanic sector, designing and manufacturing high quality components with technical rigueur, integrating air conditioning systems of vehicles and brake systems, present on automobiles of worldly recognized brands. Most recently it expanded its performance area, starting to develop parts for the white products line.


    Schwarz’s main goal is quality and it is assured by the ISO/TS 16949 certificate, a worldwide automotive standard, elaborated by members of IATF – International Automotive Task Force, that congregates automotive manufacturers like General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, BMW among others. That way, Schwarz keeps itself worldly competitive and is increasingly recognized by an efficient management. Schwarz also has the ISO 14001 environmental certification.


    To have an increasing and sustainable impact on society through the development of people and high technology processes.


    To be recognized as a high performance team, committed to delivering its clients the best solution on components produced with advanced conformation and machining technology, growing 20% a year.


    • RESPECT: People first and responsibility on every decision.
    • AGILITY: Agility and speed in face of commitments signed with internal and external clients.
    • SUSTAINABILITY: Guarantee of a sustainable long-term growth.
    • ETHICS:Transparence and full credibility in the relationship with employees, clients, suppliers and the community.